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About G.O. Tap Plus

Our Company’s Story

Established in 1991, G.O. Tap Plus started as a small service plumbing and water heating company. Through the hard work and dedication of the staff and its founder, G.O. Tap Plus has becoming a thriving mid-sized company able to take on many construction projects as well as offering an array of different skilled trades services.

Our Mission

To provide solutions that are innovative, service that is exemplary, and work that is honest.

Our Promise

Using only the highest quality materials provided by the most reputable suppliers in the industry, such as: Central Plumbing, Independent, Next, Noble, to name a few.

Clients & Recognition

G.O. Tap Plus has completed and continues to provide services to: Brookfield, Cineplex Cinemas, Del, Goldview, Shiu Pong, Tim Horton’s, among others. G.O. Tap Plus is the sole authorized service provider for Delta faucets in the GTA.


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