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Arguably the most important innovation in human history, the ability to have clean potable water as well as a way to dispose of waste water on demand has improved health and hygiene immensely. G.O. Tap Plus knows that this is an essential service and problems with your plumbing could happen at any given time. For this reason, we have plumbers ready to provide service on any day and at any time. G.O. Tap Plus offers a wide variety of services as well as a dedicated construction department able to take on large construction projects to make sure that no property is deprived of clean water and a waste management system.

Vacuum Services

Able to remove and haul non-hazardous materials, including liquids, sludges, and solids. Generally used for grease traps, catch basins, and sump pits.

Power Flushing

High pressure water jetters used to clean and restore functionality to drainage systems.

CCTV Inspection

With the use of the latest in video inspection technology, G.O. Tap Plus can survey the drainage system from within and report the condition.

Backflow Prevention

Licensed to survey, install, test and service backflow prevention devices across Ontario.

Water Main Services

G.O. Tap Plus has the technology and personnel to locate, excavate, repair and restore water service to any property all in one stop.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance scheduling to keep your equipment working optimally and to reduce the risk of it breaking down unexpectedly.

Other Services

Please contact us for a complete list of services. G.O. Tap Plus is always aiming to build great relationships while delivering quality customer service.