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Sprinkler & Fire Protection

In 2011, G.O. Tap Plus established Safe Link Solution, a fire protection company. Fire protection systems are vital in keeping the building and its occupants safe. Our experienced and proficient technicians are capable of planning and installing fire protection systems as well as offering an array of services.

Sprinkler Systems

G.O. Tap Plus installs new or service existing sprinkler systems in compliance with NFPA, requirements of manufacturer, and expectations of local authorities.

Fire Extinguishers, Hoses & Emergency Lighting

The access of these emergency tools can minimize damage to the property but more importantly save lives.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Identify hazards, propose preventative plan, and provide solutions to the individual’s specific needs.

Fire Alarm

Inspect and provide service for fire alarm systems to ensure that they are functioning properly to keep the community safe.

Fire Pumps

Install, inspect and ensure fire pumps are working optimally in case of an emergency.

Annual Programs

Perform annual inspection of all fire systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers ensuring that all emergency equipment are working in compliance to all authorities.

Other Services

Please feel free to contact us for a complete list of services as well any questions you might have.