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Owned and Operated by G.O. Tap Plus, Solution Electric offers quality and professional workmanship with a strong priority in customer service. Solution Electric has a keen interest in green technology and has many carbon footprint reduction solutions. We carry all of the specialized equipment necessary to work in commercial and industrial buildings and are able to take on projects of all sizes.

Parking Lot Light Replacement

Equipped with a bucket truck, we are able to replace metal halide fixtures reducing the costs of annual energy and maintenance expenses.

Pylon Sign Replacement

A lighted sign is important to any business as it keeps your establishment looking professional and works for you long after it gets dark.

Commercial Lighting System

Solution Electric is able to install and service all lighting systems and keep any business well lit and looking great.

Electric Equipment

Our technicians are knowledgeable and able to connect and ensure all speciality electrical equipment is operating well and most importantly, safely.

Fire Alarm

Inspect and provide service for fire alarm systems to ensure that they are functioning properly to keep the community safe.

Other Services

Solution Electric is well equipped to solve many electrical issues, please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.